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Hello and welcome to www.ndsdownloads.info, where you can find all the coolest DS system games! We have action, adventure, rpg, racing and Mario, of course! To begin downloading all of your favorite games for free to your DS just visit the “NDS Game Downloads” page now!

NDSDownloads.info offers a wide range of free NDS Games for your entertainment, and when visiting a particular video Game page you will see the download link and the description along with a clear picture of the cover artwork. To download a game you can visit the DS game list page. There is no charge for this service. Just have some fun on us!!

Downloading is as simple as clicking a few links! We even have a How to Download page to help you play one of the games on your DS!

Important: A mod card (R4) is required to make these transfer smoothly to your system, but they are easily available cheaply in many electronics stores or online through us by simply clicking the banner below at a huge discount! We do not host the files, nor do we upload them for you. We provide information only and it is your responsibility regarding what you do with this site info!

To help keep this site free we may ask you to answer a fun quiz or survey to win even more free games. Come back often for lots of fun and prizes! Life is a game to be played!

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